What is the SB-58 & Why is it Important?


From 5th to 15th June 2023, the 58th session of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice and Subsidiary Body for Implementation was held in Bonn, Germany. The aim for this conference was to prepare the world leaders, NGO’s and the youth for the upcoming Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai, UAE where commitments will be made to phase out of fossil fuel production and move towards renewable energy sources.

(Grace Ineza, Elizabeth Wathuti, and Vanessa Nakate during the Global Citizen Action Summit 2023, Loss & Damage Youth Coalition)

The aim of this conference was to bring forward the process of implementation of the Paris Agreement in resolving key issues to mitigate climate crisis, mainly the loss and damage fund program to bridge the gap between developing and developed countries. This conference is crucial to pave the path for the upcoming COP28 in December 2023.

However, SB – 58 was conducted by a fossil fuel executive, the Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC, Sultan Al Jaber, which has sent alarms to the public. Governments and leaders must come together to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the climate crisis we are facing today and as scientists’ say ‘we are in a race against time.’ The conference faced turbulent times as important topics such as the Global Stock Take (GST), Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) still remain a point for deep discussion and the gap between developing and developed countries remain unresolved.

The climate community have seen an increasing number of youth involvement dedicating their work towards addressing climate policies and regulations. YOUNGO alongside with the UNFCCC called upon the youth, globally, to present their interests and solutions on the current and future policies regarding polluting countries and industries.

The Intergovernmental Plan on Climate Change (IPCC) 2023 report conducted claimed that “only by rapid reductions in greenhouse gases we can still stand a chance to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.” The youth at SB58 stand united in their demands for an accelerated phasing out of fossil fuels production and prioritizing renewable energy investment, promoting green employment creation and protecting marginalized and vulnerable communities that are at the forefront of the clime crisis.

Mehar Allidina

Mehar Allidina

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