AI Advancements: Fear or Amazement?


The case of Mika, the first artificial intelligence CEO 

Following the article “Is AI A Threat To Democracy?” by Aslihan Yilmaz published last June on our website, this article will reiterate this question through the lens of a specific case study: the first AI CEO.

Source: Dictador

Just over a year ago, on September 1, 2022, the career of Mika, a  female robot endowed with artificial intelligence, was officially launched. This article will attempt to analyze in retrospect the current consequences of this event.

The Polish Rum Company, Dictador

indeed chose Mika as their new CEO a year ago. The alcohol company justifies it as a breakthrough in the field of new technologies, seeking to establish itself as a

pioneer in the sector Dictador’s board decision is revolutionary and bold at the same time. This first human-like robot, with AI, in a company structure, will change the world as we know it, forever” said Marek Szoldrowski, the president of Dictador Europe. The company is also counting naturally on productivity gains, and hence higher profits.

How was the company affected?

At first sight, Mika seemed to deliver productivity and efficiency gains. In the interview according to Reuters Mika said being always on 24/7. The robot seems to do everything: advertising, giving interviews, and promoting the company. Mika claims to be perfectly rational and to make the best, most logical choices. 

How the news was perceived?

At first, the news didn’t spread widely, and only recently attracted the attention of the media and the general public, due to an interview given by Mika to Reuters two months ago, which was made available on YouTube. This provoked reactions and a dozen international articles have subsequently appeared over the last two months. 

However, people are anxious about it, as witnessed by the numerous reactions. In the video of the Reuters interview, people expressed their concerns through comments such as “It is evil“, “This project will cause huge loss in people’s jobs” or “Pretty dammed creepy“. Comments under press articles are not better: “Welcome to the beginning of the end. This won’t go well“, ”Let’s get AI cops, soldiers, and Politicians next.  Surely it will be great for humanity”, “Humanity is doomed!!”. In addition, Libération sums up its article with: “Unpaid, always available and devoid of effect, Mika is an ideal recruit for capitalism. Creepy.”

Why does it make people react so negatively?

It’s a common belief that artificial intelligence will ultimately replace human work, just as machines have already begun to do (e.g. self-checkout). Why is it more worrying this time? Because we are talking about a position that normally requires a high level of education and years of experience. However, it’s important to consider that robots have no feelings, and so will never fully replace human interpersonal skills, as they have no empathy or sensitivity. 

Finally, can this news be perceived as progress? According to the articles analyzed, public opinion and the press seem to agree that it is a technological advance, but probably less of a social one. 


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